Business Restructuring

Business Restructuring and Negotiation

Debt Burden Hindering your Cash Flow?

Reality Financial Services are experienced in the field of debt restructuring. This process involves compiling all business related debts into one fixed outgoing, which tidies up the outgoings from your business account. This process has proven effective in improving cash flows and keeping businesses afloat.

"Our business has too many monthly outgoings for different debts, we need to restructure this to ease cash flow”

“I am over my Overdraft and Business Credit Card Limits”

Loss of income or reduction in business activity can result in a significant debt burden due to the lack of income. Our management can negotiate with credit institutions on your behalf to negotiate a flexible repayment plan  to suit your business.

How to Solve Inflexible Loans and Get the Best Deal Possible

Our Process:

  • Identifying the underlying causes of the problem
  • Expert advice on the available solutions
  • Critically assessing the viability of your business
  • Preparing a business recovery plan
  • Working with you and your stakeholders to implement the plan
  • Negotiating with your creditors