What can we do for you?

Our experienced team provide bespoke Business Consultancy Services to SME's across Ireland. Feel free to get in touch to discuss any queries you may have:

General Business Consultancy – Reality provide Business Consultancy services to SME’s in Ireland across numerous sectors from retail to transport etc. These consultancy services include the following:

Financial Consultancy – This relates to analysing a company’s financial position to understand their long-term objectives. This will include analysing their current debts, suppliers, work in progress, external factors that may affect their longevity etc. We then make a recommendation based on our analysis.

Market Research for Exporting Opportunities – We provide market research and analysis services to SME’s in Ireland to help them identify potential new business opportunities whether that is in Ireland or potentially via exporting abroad.

Business Restructuring -  This service coincides with Financial Consultancy in terms of our business analysis. We then advise the client on their income and expenditure depending on their liquidity position. This includes managing their costs and restructuring their existing debts to ease cash flow.

Management Restructuring – This involves looking at an organisations entire management structure in an attempt to reduce costs and fixed outgoings.